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reported in medium- and high-income countr▓ies," he said.According to Li, the educatio▓nal rights of women and

children have been protected and wom▓en's rights in fields including politics, the eco▓nomy, culture and social activities ▓have been effectively safeguarded.While acknowledging the remarkable achievements made in this r▓egard in recent years, Li stressed women and ch▓ildren's development faces many challenges and difficu▓lties ahead."There are still some backward notions and social conventions, and the development of women and children remains unba

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lanced between urban and▓ rural areas and among regions," Li said.He added t▓hat resources to protect and serve women and children in poverty-stricken areas are not adequ▓ate and cases of infringement of the rights of w



omen and children have occasionally been repor▓ted.In his speech, Li urged continued efforts to implement the basic state policy of gend▓er equality and the pri

nciple of prioritizing t▓he development of children's education.Li said women an▓d children's development should be be▓tter coordinated with economic growth and social progress.Gender discrimination must be eliminated, and equal pay for equal work must be enforced, said Li,▓ calling for efforts to provide special work protection to female employees and boost support to t▓hem, including training, tax waivers or rebates, and legal and business assistance.Greater efforts shoul▓d be made to select or promote female cadres, and women should enjoy greater opportunities and capabilities to govern econo

mic and social affairs, Li said.The premier also urged greater care for particularly vulnerable groups, including the poor, sick and disabled, elderly women as well as single mothers.Calling children the "future and hope of a nation," Li said priority should be given to t▓he education of children. Li urged advancing balanced development of compulsory education ▓by investing more heavily in education in central a▓nd western regions, border areas,

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ethnic minority areas and ▓impoverished areas.Work to expand enrollment of students from poor areas in prestigious unive

rsities should be continued, Li said, adding efforts should be made to create equal education▓al opportunities for children from various fam▓ily backgrounds.Additionally, Li urged improving medical services for children, incre

a▓sing the number of pediatricians, and addressing short▓ages of pediatric medications and other▓ medical resources.More effective meas▓ures should be worked out to address birth defects and malnutrition of children, Li added.Special care should be provided to orphans and sick, disabled▓ and homeless children, as well as rural childre▓n whose parents have left home to work in cities as mi▓grant worke

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rs.Moreover, Li added that ▓the government will continue to crack down on human trafficking and other crimes that target women and ch

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ing, tax waivers or rebates, and legal and business assistance.Greater efforts should be made to select or pro▓mote female cadres, and women should enjoy greater opportunities and c

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